Meloty Light
Afternoon Tea


*50% off for Salad & Soup and Lunch non-alcoholic beverage With an order of Meloty light*

Salad & Soup
。Soup du Jour $5.00 。Meloty Special Salad $5.00
。Soup baked en Puff Pastry (S) $6.00
。Soup baked en Puff Pastry (L) $7.00

Sandwich / Wrap
。Club Sandwich $8.00
。Cheese Bacon Ham Wrap $8.00
。Roast Beef Sandwich $8.00
。Roast Beef with vegetable Wrap $8.00
。Orange Duck Sandwich $8.00
。Orange Duck Wrap $8.00
。Boneless Chicken Leg
 Sandwich $9.00
。Boneless Chicken Leg Wrap $9.00
。Pork Medallion Sandwich $9.00 。Pork Medallion Wrap $9.00
。Deep fried pisces sandwich $9.00 。Deep fried pisces Wrap $9.00
。Portobella Vegetarian
 Sandwich $9.00
。Assorted Mushrooms Wrap $9.00

。Barbecue Pork Pizza $13.00 。Assorted Mushrooms Pizza $13.00

。Meat sauce spaghetti Bologna $8.00
。Bacon & egg spaghetti carbonnade $8.00
。Cold noodles with sesame
 Paste $9.00
。Fettuccini with Roast Duck $9.00
。Assorted mushrooms pesto spaghetti
。Cheese gratin seafood spaghetti  $13.00

。Deep Fried Pork Medallion with
  assorted Mushrooms Topping
 on Rice $9.00
。Stewed chicken with Puff Pastry and
 Vegetable on Rice $9.00
。Deep fried Boneless Chicken with
 assorted mushrooms on Rice
。Angus Tenderloin tip with Red Wine Sauce
 topping on Rice $10.00
。Deep fried Pisces garnished with
Mushrooms on Rice $10.00
。Assorted seafood garnished Vegetables
 topping on Rice $10.00

Chef Special       *Beverage and Salad or Soup are included *
。Red wine Beef Shank garnished
 Vegetables on rice $18.00
。Lamb Shank garnished vegetables on
 Spaghetti $22.00
。French style Orange Duck Leg on s
。Meloty's signature Short Rib $25.00

Beverage $5.00
。Illy latte
。Illy cappuccino
。Illy Coffee Americano 。Illy double shot espresso
。Dammann freres Tea 。Iced fruit & flower infusion
~~Refillable Daily Coffee , Iced coffee and soft drink~~

Microbrewery Tap Beer    14 oz $5.00 / 18oz $6.00
。Hand Crafted Lager
。India Pale Ale
。Honey Blonde Ale 。Cream Ale

Import Beer $5.00
。Heineken Lager Netherland
。Corona Extra Mexico
。Stella Artois Belgium 。Kirin Ichiban Japan


VIP Room Private Dinning

VIP Room Luxury English High Tea


High Tea Party