Meloty Special

High Tea
    Set Menu

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Dessert &

Meloty Tea for One $12

Select one beverage from our set menu list, with one set of dessert trio.


Meloty High Tea for Two $32

Select two beverages from our set menu list, with ten pieces of hand-made pastries.


Meloty Deluxe High Tea $30 p/person

*Reservation required*
1PM~5PM Daily, 2 Hours service per table
Prevent waste; over-order items will be charged $2 each

Share a wonderful time with your friends and families with
unlimited hand-made delicious and a special made beverage.


Waffle Power Zone $15

A choice of our freshly baked waffle or puff pastry, and one beverage from our set menu list.


Waffle $12

Red Bean Paste

Assorted Fruits

Ham & Bacon

Deep Fried Chicken


Rum Cherry

Tuna Salad

Deep Fried Pork Medallion



Puff Pastry $12

Red Bean Paste

Tuna Salad


Rum Cherry

Ham & Bacon



★ All Tea Special Sets are for dine in only ★


Dammann Frères

For decades, Dammann has being the signature teas in France.
Today, Dammann perpetuates the best quality and taste of teas.

Earl Grey

Ceylon O.P.


Blood Orange

Jardin Bleu

Vanilla Decaf

Jasmine Green Tea

Gunpowder Green Tea

Peach Green Tea

Chamomile Herbal Tea




Pomme d'Amour

Passion Fruit

Mango Decaf

Ceylon Decaf

Green Tea with Mint

Japanese Green

Gout Russe Christmas

Mint Herbal


★ $1 for additional tea cup set ★



illy Latte

illy Coffee Americano

illy Iced Espresso

illy Cappuccino

illy Double Shots Espresso

Meloty Iced Coffee



Iced Beverage

Iced Fruit & Flower Infusion

Orange Juice

Cranberry Juice

Iced Fruit Tea



Wine &Beer

House Red Wine

Hand Crafted Lager

Honey Blonde Ale

Heineken Lager

Stella Artois


House White Wine

India Pale Ale

Cream Ale

Corona Extra

Kirin Ichiban



Swiss Chocolate Fondue

The famous dessert from Switzerland.
Enjoy our luscious surprisingly rich LINDT dark chocolate fondue.

Chocolate World for two $29

Swiss Fondue with three dipping and two wrapping


Good Time for Five $35

Swiss Fondue with five dipping and three wrapping


Dipping Selections $3/ea







Mini Puff



Wrapping Selections $1/ea


Walnut Crumble


Almond Crash

Coconut Flake


★ Fondue Refill $5 ★