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High Tea
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Dessert &

Dammann Frères $6

For decades, Dammann has being the signature teas in France.
Today, Dammann perpetuates the best quality and taste of teas.

Earl Grey

Ceylon O.P.


Blood Orange

Jardin Bleu

Vanilla Decaf

Jasmine Green Tea

Gunpowder Green Tea

Peach Green Tea

Chamomile Herbal Tea




Pomme d'Amour

Passion Fruit

Mango Decaf

Ceylon Decaf

Green Tea with Mint

Japanese Green

Gout Russe Christmas

Mint Herbal


★ $1 for additional tea cup set ★


Syphon Coffee $8

MELOTY has a wide selection of high quality coffee bean for your choice.
With the Hario coffee syphon, we brew the best coffee
that will bring you to satisfaction for every drop.

Blue Mountain
Unforgettable smoothing with a particular sweetness
that only Jamaica Blue Mountain can release

Golden Mandheling
Very intense coffee, bold and full-bodied gives an earthy aroma.
The character with no acidity makes it a smooth and pleasant cup.

Mocha Harrar
From Ethiopian, famous for its piquant character,
medium body, earthy and slightly chocolate flavor.

Mandheling Brazil
Mandheling for the continental “kick”,
Santos for the super rich and luxurious taste.

MELOTY’s Special
Smoothing intense taste with enjoyable scent takes your breath away.

Blue Mountain Jamaica $28
Quality guaranteed beans from “Jamaica Blue Mountain Board”,
the perfect equilibrium of flavor,
rich aroma and moderate acidity becomes the favorite of the connoisseurs.
Served with the world famous Royal Collection of NARUMI Bone China Coffee Cup
is adding luxury note to coffee experience.


Italian Coffee $6

illy Latte

illy Coffee Americano

illy Cappuccino

illy Double Shots Espresso


Fancy Coffee

Meloty Iced Coffee

Floating Iced Coffee

Vienna Mocha

Swiss Chocolate Coffee





illy Double Shots on ice

Iced Coffee Au Lait

Royal Mandheling




Ice Beverage $6

Iced Fruit & Flower Infusion

Orange Juice

Iced Lemon Kumquat Tea

Iced Passion Fruit Tea


Cranberry Juice

Iced Fruit Tea

Iced Peach Passion Tea

Iced Mango Carnival Tea


The Ice Age Smoothies$8


Red Bean Paste






MELOTY Milk Tea $9

The special brewing procedures use for making Whittard of Chelsea’s tea
with milk emphasizing the warming and creamy taste.

Earl Grey



Mango Indica

Orange Blossom

Old English Fruit


English Breakfast


Rose Petal



Meloty Special



The Secret Garden in Glass Pot $9

Herbal Infusion

Rose Princess

Jasmine Osmanthus

Silk Road


Lavender’s Romance

Peppermint’s Autumn

Mallow Flower’s Melody


Fruit & Flower Infusions

Mango Cocktail
mango, apple, violet pot marigold, orange peel, lemon peel, hibiscus, rosebud

Peach Apricot
apricot, peach, lemon peel, apple, hibiscus, pot marigold, rosebud, orange peel

Rose Dream
rose blossom, apple, hibiscus, cotoneaster, pot marigold

Lemon Scent
lemon peel, pot marigold, apple, orange peel, cotoneaster, hibiscus


Fresh Fruit Tea

Golden Life
Kumquat as base and with Seasonal fruits

Peach Passion
Peach as base and with Seasonal fruits

Love Story
Passion fruit as base and with Seasonal fruits

Mango Carnival
Mango as base and with Seasonal fruits